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What Are the Aviva Auto Car Insurance Quotes? Application and Phone Numbers

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Aviva protects you while you are on the road and helps you be safe.

Aviva offers its customers the possibility of feeling protected when using their cars. The road presents dangers and drivers need to feel safe and know that their car insurance has their back in case of need.  Aviva helps you save and at the same time be safe.

Whatever type of car you drive, whether it is a big one or a small one, Aviva tailors your insurance to fit you. At Aviva you can choose the type of coverage that you want, it can be a basic coverage or one with more features like roadside assistance and rental car insurance. You can select the features that you want to suit you, your family and your vehicle. If you have an accident, mishap or something of the sort you can call Claims Service Satisfaction and they will help you with whatever you need.

There are several factors that have an impact on your insurance rate. Each car is different and so are their drivers, this is the reason why car insurances have to be designed according to the driver in Canada. When coming up with a special insurance rate for your vehicle, these are the factors that Aviva takes into consideration:

  • The appropriate coverage for you and the features you don’t want to be included in your insurance.

  • The type of car your drive, the brand and the year.

  • The type of use you give to you vehicle, like where you drive it, how often you drive it and so on.

  • The number of miles you do per year.

  • The number of drivers that will be included in your insurance.

  • The number of years you have been driving, that is to say your experience, and that of the other people you also want to include in your insurance.

Standard Coverage

It doesn’t matter the car you drive, be it an SUV or a truck, Aviva offers its customers reasonable rates. You are given assistance in order to select the best, smartest and safest option for you. Aviva will also guide you through the extra features you can add to your insurance and the benefits.

If you have an accident Aviva’s Standard insurance covers :

  • Any kind of damage caused to others, like physical harm or property damage.

  • Hospital bills or others expenses related to the health of you or your family and also monetary losses.

  • Healthcare costs and loss of income for you or your family

Comprehensive Coverage

A car crash is not the only potential danger that threatens drivers. Because they know that, Aviva offers its clients a comprehensive coverage which covers other possibilities, such as your car being stolen, vandalized or damaged by something falling on it, etc.

These are the additional features offered by Aviva:

Collision Protection

Give your car Collision Protection in case you have an accident and you vehicle is damaged. This additional feature takes the weight of your shoulders if you have to pay for your car to be repaired.

Temporary Vehicle Replacement

If you have had an accident and you are having your car fixed or you are waiting to get another one, this extra feature gives you the possibility of renting a car so that you can continue with your routine undisturbed.

The Aviva New Car Guarantee

Imagine you have an accident and you vehicle is completely destroyed. Aviva has the solution by offering customers a guarantee, so that if this happens to you, you’ll have access to a completely new car, it doesn’t matter that the new version is more expensive.

Conviction Protection

Aviva gives drivers without driving tickets a discount, therefore if you are somewhat a reckless driver you may have to pay more for your insurance. Nevertheless, with the Conviction Protection extra feature, you can still get the afore mentioned discount, even if you got into a minor driving offence, like a speeding.

Disappearing Deductible

Having an insurance gives you the right of making claims whenever something happens to your car. With the Disappearing Deductible extra feature, if every year that goes by without you making claims to Aviva, your deductibles will be reduced. If you don’t make a claim for 5 years, you could end up paying a total of cero for your deductibles. To sum up, if you are a safe driver, you can actually pay less for your deductibles. If you are changing your insurance company to Aviva and you were a claims-free customer with your other company, you’ll continue being one when you transfer to Aviva.

Roadside Assistance

If your car breaks down, or you run out of battery or gas, it is good to know that assistance is on the way. What makes Aviva’s Road Assistance stand out against other competitors is that this extra feature offers assistance and covers the person driving your car, it doesn’t matter if it is you or somebody else. Moreover, if you decide to acquire this additional coverage to your policy, you benefit by getting discounts to car rentals and hotels, trip interruption services and trip planning experts, in case you were on a holiday and your car broke down in the middle of it.

Accident Forgiveness

When you have an accident, the amount of money you pay for your car insurance usually increases. This feature offers another chance to those drivers who are normally very safe, but have had their first accident, it doesn’t matter if it was your fault or not.

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Questions and Answers

Accident forgiveness is only for the first accident using Aviva?
Yes, I think they forgive only one accident.
Does the Comprehensive Coverage covers things stolen from inside your car?
No, if they break your window, then it covers the window repair.
The Comprehensive Coverage also covers crashes right?
I don't think so, there's a Collision protection feature.